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2610 W Mclellan Blvd, Phoenix AZ 85017

Sunlight Living Environment in Arizona

While a client at Sunlight of the Spirit, new residents will learn that the road to recovery means not only abstaining from drugs and alcohol, but also living a clean and sober life that encompasses a mind-body-spirit approach:

Mind – Learning through example to live life honestly, ethically and to help others.
Body – Learning to live every 24 hours without the dependence of drugs & alcohol
Spirit – Fostering a relationship with a higher power – no matter the denomination – and working to put it into daily practice.

Sunlight of the Spirit is a private property consisting of fully furnished, two bedroom apartments; including central air conditioning, fully functioning kitchens and bathrooms. Every apartment provides the necessities for independent living, giving our residents the dignity of living life to its fullest.
Sunlight of the Spirit strives to teach women that there is fun in sobriety; we enjoy poolside and bon-fire meetings | Wifi | Bi-monthly recovery events, conventions and retreats!

Contact Sunlight of the Spirit 602-864-5032 in Arizona to receive more information about our facility!

WHEREAS, “Sunlight of the Spirit” is a home for women in recovery from drugs and alcohols addiction: and

WHEREAS, “Sunlight of the Spirit” guides women through the process of recovery to rebuild their lives and helps them to become productive members of society; and

WHEREAS, the director, staff and graduates of “Sunlight of the Spirit” through selfless dedication and gratitude, continue to give service and support to women who are new in recovery;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Janet Napolitano, Governor of the State of Arizona, do hereby proclaim August 18-25, 2007 as


August 17, 2007 Page 2871 Volume 13, Issue 33